Saturday, May 21, 2011

CSU Owns All Scholastics Again

I was thinking that somehow I totally missed the Winter All Scholastics section of the Boston Globe, probably because it was the weekend I was in Chicago, so here it is.  Sorry for the belated recognition of all the CSUers on the list. 

As usual, CSU Jrs. dominated the xc listings.  Eli Hoenig and Corey Stock were recognized as Athletes of the Year for their respective wins at States and also at EHS.  Congrats to both! 

Listed as All-Scholastics were Chris Burnham, Neil Garrison, Olivia Meyerson, Rion O'Grady, Tom Rummel and Hannah Smith for their fine efforts throughout the season.   

All-Stars in Mass Bay West included Catherine Benson, Liza Dawley, Neil Garrison, Chris Burnham, Caitlin Guiney, Olivia Meyerson, Calvin Wight, Kelsey Colpitts, Eli Hoenig, Greg Holdman, Blake McCartney, Jordan Richmond and Corey Stock and listed in NEPSAC for some reason were Rion, O'Grady, Tom Rummel, Hannah Smith and Sean Skahen.  I finally got the All-Star results for Mass Bay East from Fabio, which in addition to those listed about, includes: Julia Schiantarelli, Rebecca Smith, Olivia Cannon, Ellen Goldberg, Stoddard Meigs, Toby Howe, Rafi Razzaque and Nick Reitman.
Congrats to all on a fine season!

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