Wednesday, June 29, 2011

REG camp domination

Here is an update from Olivia, Corey, and Hannah, who are spending the week in Craftsbury VT at the Regional Elite Group camp.

While all you guys have been busy doing double pole tests and parkour, we (Corey, Eli, Hannah and Olivia) here at REG Camp have been testing, roller skiing, eating and sleeping up a storm. We’ve just finished our third day of testing—these tests determine who qualifies for the National Elite Group Camp in the fall. Our first test was a skate rollerski agility sprint course. At the beginning of the test, Hannah told Corey, “I’m either going to go embarrassingly slow or kill myself” due to the tricky course—downhill 360s, zooming across the grass, slaloming down the pavement and random 180s. Luckily we all made it through alive without battle scars (although there were many falls amongst others). Rob congratulated us on “no blood!” before reading the results, which only shows us how much wiggle room the CSUers have to improve on agility.
The next day (Sunday), we had a two-hour double pole ski behind Ida Sargent, a U.S. ski team member. In the afternoon, we took another 1.5 hr classic ski and did some drills with U.S. Ski team coach Bryan Fish. Hannah, unfortunately, did not make it back on the vans and was left with two teammates stranded in the middle of Vermont country—land of no cell phone service, no internet access or even people, but plenty of cows. Luckily, she hitchhiked back to camp with a Bulgarian ninja named Krum (not the Harry Potter guy).
Yesterday was our test day numero two: a lovely uphill run time trial. After a good 18→26 minutes of huffing and puffing, we all made it to the top. Eli came in third for REG Campers☺ and Hannah and Olivia killed it! Meanwhile, Zoe and Corey (both unable to run) took a nice mountain bike ride (1 hr 46 min 32 seconds) around the lake and were almost torn from their bikes by rabid dogs. Fortunately, the two young ladies have quads of steel and were able to escape this terrifying experience. Later we all enjoyed a two-hour nap, fast asleep on our bunk beds (camp certainly makes us tired). In the afternoon, we skated around and then in the evening, we watched a NENSA presentation and then ate Raisin Bran into the late hours of the night with Rob and Alex.
Today, our final day of testing was the Canadian strength test (almost identical to the most recent CSU strength test—except the coaches regulated 90 degree pushups, full extension pull-ups, etc.). CSU represented—all four of us were bulging with muscles and grimacing with pain. Hannah sported her Raisin’ the Bar jersey in motivation to raise the bar. We proved to be far better at strength than agility, surpassing many other REG campers. Then Corey and Olivia took a long swim across the lake and arrived 1 hour 16 minutes later, very cold and tired. Now we look forward to hill bounding intervals, double pole intervals and a four-hour OD! And especially to our two days of rest before CSU Camp!
Hannah feels happy. Corey feels really really really. Olivia feels very empty ;). Eli feels. Alex feels very caffeinated. And Rob feels very immersed in the moment (and also supercalifragilisticexpialidocious).
There is plenty of anticipation for sharing super camp experiences with all of you in just a week. Nom nom nom.

Hannah negotiating the corners of the agility course. Photo courtesy of Chris City.
Olivia stares down the competition. Photo courtesy of Chris City
Corey on the agility course. Photo courtesy of Chris City.

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