Thursday, July 21, 2011

DP Bake Off

16 or 17 stalwarts showed up for the Double Pole Bake Off tonight.  It was 97 at game time as we headed out for warmups but the saving grace was a strong breeze blowing up the recovery hill so you could cool off a bit.  We all put water bottles at the top of the hill and I dumped most of mine over my head.  The Hoenig Boys were hammering at the front, reportedly setting new standards for single runs and combined times for the day.  Almost everyone had a good first run and then the heat started catching up on the 2nd or 3rd interval.  However, several people set new PRs by quite a bit, including Greg and Olivia M..  A few DP test first timers also got to experience the joy that is Annursnac Hill, including Rafi and Charlotte.  Hannah went early and was finishing up about the time we got started.....why?  Because she likes it HOT! 

The highlight of the day though came after we were done with watermelon and popsicles for cool down and re-hydration supplied by Karin Cole and Donna Holdman which almost made it all worth it!  Thanks hugely for the treat!!!

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