Thursday, July 7, 2011

More photos from day 1

You got the gist of how things work from Jamie's post, but I had a couple more photos to add to the mix. Enjoy

We were all sitting by the green, and a group of golfers showed up hoping to use it. Rob instructed us to move off the green, and that it is proper etiquette to be silent as the person takes their swing, and then clap politely afterward. So, we did that, and those poor golfers probably couldn't wait to move on, and not have 30 interested skiers watching their every move.

Nice place. Doesn't this just look like one of those oil paintings of idyllic peasant scenes from England or something?

When Rob instructs us about the workout for the day, this happens, and angels sing.

Zoe demonstrating how to tie dye a bandana.

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