Thursday, August 11, 2011

Corey's Adventures on the Glacier!

I am back from an AWESOME week on Eagle Glacier! There is a house on the edge of a cliff where we stayed and then on the other side is a glacier where there is an 8 km loop for us to ski on. On the clear days we could see the whole loop from the parts of the course, and on some of the foggy days we could barely see 10 meters ahead of us!

Here is a photo that I took as we drove to the base of the mountain on our first day.

The red circle on the top of the cliff is where the house is! Pretty cool!

We took a helicopter up!

There I am in black on the right getting psyched for my first helicopter ride ever!!

Liz Stephen and I enjoyed the spectacular views as we gained almost 6000 ft in about 5 minutes!

The view out of a window in our bunk room! A little different from the view out my window at home!
The first day we arrived it was legitimately snowing and I was so excited. The next couple days it was raining and very foggy but then when the sun finally came out it was truly spectacular! And not only were the views amazing, but also I was skiing with the best female athletes in America!

Chandra and I went outside the first night that the clouds parted and we could see the beautiful mountains that we had no idea existed!

On the nice days I used everything I had not to stop every 5 seconds and pull out my camera or just stand and look at the views in awe.

We worked on a lot of distance training and it was super cool to hop in behind these tops skiers and try and match their techniques.
Pretty cool photo!

The girls are SO friendly both on and off the tracks and it was so fun to be living 24-7 with such a cool group of women!

Me and Kikkan before one of our distance skis!

(To be continued)

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