Friday, August 12, 2011

Corey's Glacier Adventures - Part 2

When we were not skiing or sleeping, we were eating! Each night a different group of girls would prepare dinner! Here is my crew!

Becca Rorabaugh, Jessie Diggins, Kate Fitzgerald, and me (repping CSU )!

One morning, we did skate intervals. They were very hard but being in such a cool place with such a great group of people made them fly by!

Here I am trying to hang on to Chandra Crawford.
Kikkan ripping out some sweet pullups in the strength room!

The whole group!

We eventually had to leave the glacier :’(, but when we got down we decided to go camping for a night in Seward, Alaska. Here we are camping in the base of an empty riverbed!

Left to right: Chandra, Ida, me, Liz, Jessie!

Kikkan brought us on a crazy difficult hike up Mt. Marathon and we were constantly using our hands to help us up. It was a blast!

Me, Kikkan, Ida, Liz, and Jessie trying to find our way down a cliff.

Left to right: Kikkan, me, Ida, Jessie, Chandra.

And not only was this a fantastic experience but also I made some amazing friends! Here I am with Liz Stephen!

See you all soon!!

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