Sunday, November 6, 2011

CSU Fall Classic Rollerski Race 2011

The 2011 edition of the CSU Fall Classic rollerski came off without any problems, in large part due to the great help I got from Marsha Rich, Candace Nelson, Sara Cousins, John LaChance, John Skahen, Ed Despard, Tom Smith on video and Jeff Nottonson.  Thanks all!

I would also like to thank my sponsors, Jenex and Bikeway Source for providing a large number of prizes.  Thanks for your support and remember to thank the sponsors if you purchase equipment from them.

While it was pretty cool to start, by the time the race began the brilliant sun had warmed things up to a comfortable race temp.  Up the first hill a couple of Harvard skiers, Chris Stock and Akeo Maifeld-Carucci

grabbed the lead, followed by Frank, Andy and new CSU junior Nathan Moreau, along with Tanner Weigand, Bill Farrell and Max LaChance.  A little further back I was having a fun time going back and forth with Alex as we tried to close the gap to Bob Burnham while behind us was another good pack of Victor, Robert, Ben Smeltzer and Brad Bates and then a big pack of Harvard women.  With the breeze, it was a good day to have someone to draft off of.

In the junior 1 lap race Max got a good lead, followed by Sean and Lewis.  On the girls side, Rebecca got a good lead followed up with the pack of Rosie, Hadley and Clara.

On lap two Chris and Akeo continued to hammer, coming home 1st and 2nd overall in very fast times of 36:47 and 36:52, which I think are classic records for this course.  Then another hammer-fest was shaping up with Andy, Frank and Tanner, Nathan and John.  Frank got the jump on Andy somewhere on the home straight, from what I heard, with Tanner coming in just behind followed by Nathan and John.  On the women's side Alex skied well in 1st place, followed by the Harvard women Alena Tofte and Jennifer Rolfes.

A beautiful day for a race and with 33 racers, the biggest group in a number of years, including several people down from NH and Maine.  Thanks all for coming and making it a good race!

Below are several photos courtesy of Chris City.  Thanks!!
 The start
 Max takes a turn
 Jamie chasing Ben Smeltzer
 Nathan Moreau
 Frank, Andy and Tanner.  Check last year's almost identical photo

CSU Rollerski Race, Nov. 6, 2011

N. Andover, MA
Bright sun, dry, breezy, mid 40s

Place First Name Last Name Lap 1 Finish Time

1 Chris Stock                        18:46      36:47
2 Akeo Maifeld-Carucci        18:45      36:52
3 Frank Feist                         20:04      39:24
4 Andy Milne                        20:03       39:26
5 Tanner Weigand                 20:18       39:25
6 Nathan Moreau                  20:05       40:01 1st Jr in long race
7 John Sakalowski                20:19        40:44
8 Bill Farrell                          20:17        41:01
9 Bob Burnham                     21:24        42:51
10 Jamie Doucett                   21:29        42:52
11 Alex Jospe                        21:33        43:48 1st Woman
12 Victor Golovkin                22:17         44:30
13 Ben Smeltzer                    22:02         44:35
14 Brad Bates                       22:34         45:55
15 Robert Faltus                   22:39         46:19
16 Alena Tofte                      23:33         46:35 2nd Woman
17 Tor O'Brien                     23:34         46:56
18 Jennifer Rolfes                  23:58        47:58 3rd Woman
19 Esther Kennedy                24:26        48:35 4th Woman
20 John Rich                         24:32         48:59
21 Claire Miller                     25:00         49:39 5th Woman
22 Adeline Byrne                  26:19         52:53 6th Woman
23 Ainara Arielus                  26:34         54:49 7th Woman
24 Joel Gradstein                  28:01         56:55
25 Scott Betournay               30:57       1:01:20
26 Jody Newton                   31:22       1:01:33 8th Woman

Junior Results - 1 lap

1 Max LaChance                 21:05
2 Sean Skahen                     22:22
3 Rebecca Smith                  22:27 1st Jr Woman
4 Lewis Nottonson               24:07
5 Rosie Cobb                       24:44 2nd Jr Woman
6 Hadley Moreau                  25:05 3rd Jr Woman
7 Clara Cousins                    27:46 4th Jr Woman

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