Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In the dark, in the snow, in November

That's how we like to hillbound. A good crew of CSU juniors, with some fresh off the end of their fall sports (welcome back Meg, Clara, Jacob, Calvin, Mark, and anyone else I just totally missed!), showed up with our headlamps and our get-tough attitudes to take on Prospect Hill.

Last night had the added bonus of a massive tree down across the trail. John S. had previewed the trail that morning and reported that we may need to do some cleanup in the evening, as there were trees and branches down all over. Luckily, Gunther and Victor (and possibly others I didn't hear about) showed up before the workout and cleared out most of the trail! Then a work crew of Rob, Robert F, Ed (Alex's bf), one guy I didn't know, and Calvin and Mark showed up and did a good job attacking the tree with bow saws. By the time we got around to actually doing intervals, the tree was mostly out of the way. It was a big tree, with many large branches, so clearing that beast was no easy task. Yeah toughness! Yeah CSU!

Skiers looked darn good out there, until it got so dark that all I could see was a pack of headlamps, bobbing up the hill in unison. The coaches were a little less coordinated, as Rob forgot his headlamp, and Alex ran into a thornbush.

Bring it, November hillbounding!

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