Sunday, December 11, 2011

Skate Time Trial - Prospect Pain Hill

Alex was all excited after the time trial because.... it is a painful exercise!  We had to address a couple icy patches on the road now that the weather is actually cold.  I'd forgotten about ice!  A sparkling clear day for one more time trial.

First  Last Name Race Time

Greg Holdman    16:06
Sean Skahen       16:29
Julia Kern           18:01
Alex Jospe         18:05
Chris Koziel       18:24
Maddy Wendt    20:06
Charlotte Cole    20:41
Julia Schiantarelli 20:42
Rosie Cobb        20:51
Clara Cousins     21:37
Phoebe Seltzer    22:55
John Powers       24:20
Carinna Wallach  27:21
Sam Kuperstein   30:30
Cecily Powers     30:54

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