Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scando Trip Report from Eli

Otepää, Estonia for the Scando Trip – After a 25 hour trip, six j1 boys, six j1 girls and three coaches, arrived at what the US ski team likes to call “the bunker”, which is an extremely accurate name of our first hotel.  Activities in the bunker included ping-pong, Internet, and best of all, using the sauna.  We don’t have any races until the 24th so we can basically do anything we want to, within reason of course.  This allowance allowed us to go tubing! Which was pretty sweet. The speed was comparable to the luge in Quebec City, except it was longer, with tubes.  The skiing was, in one word, spectacular.   We were skiing on the world cup course, which has big, steep hills, smooth grooming, and a ridiculous stadium. Just look at the pictures.  We’ve done two OD’s, a couple easy skis, and one classic time trial.  So far our daily schedule has been pretty routine, sadly we have yet to go clubbing at the crazy eastern European diskotechs.  Yesterday we left from Otepää to Mamamaste, which is the location of our races.  I’ll keep you all updated.  Pictures will be posted soon.

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