Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Which Waxroom?

Which waxroom would you rather use?  On the one hand we have the Klista Sista's shiny, bright and clean wax room with narry an out of place scraping of wax or blob of petrified klister and woe to you if you don't put the tools in their place.....or.......the Man Cave, or as its known around here, the shrine to Toko and Rode, bright but decidedly not clean!  Where an entire season of wax scrapings lies on the bench, not to be swept up until April, junk lies everywhere (BUT, never out of place!), the trash can is full, but of course not emptied, heat gun hangs in readiness.....

Klista Sista

The Man Cave

Well, which would YOU prefer to wax in???  Maybe I should do a photo essay of CSU Waxrooms!

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