Sunday, February 5, 2012

Who Makes It Happen? - Your Wax Team!

Like your skis?  Were they fast?  Thank your CSU Wax Team!  Up at the crack of dawn, setting up the tent before any college team shows up, freezing their hands off applying Jetstream, rilling your skis, rotocorking and polishing.....all to bring you rocket skis!  Like those skis....thank the CSU Wax Team! 

Did you get enough to eat?  Enjoy hot soup?  Thank your CSU Food Table team!

Most of CSU's Wax Team for Trapps - Jamie, Doug, Steve, John, Peter, David, Henry, Tom, Amie, Gunther 

6F, but we are set up, ready to roll!

John rotocorking

Steve brushing and polishing

Doug and David applying Jetstream

Doug applying Jetstream

Henry, working hard!

Amie running the show!

The heavily laden CSU Food Table thanks to Sandra and Donna, with lots of help!

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