Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Friday core!

Obviously this is a few days late, but we had a great workout on Friday.  Maybe I shouldn't say "we", as I didn't do much of anything other than take photos, but other people looked like they had a great workout!  

Sophie and Carina working the team box-jumping

Sue and Jodie loooove dips.

Gavin and Max with the squat throws.

Gavin and Max team timing the one-legged squats!

Poor form on the walking planks by Jacob and Lewis, because they were racing.

Don't take photos of me, I just got my wisdom teeth out!

Jimmy and John with the twist throws.

Very nice pushup twist demo by Izzy.

Matched by Maddy.

Oooh spider pushups are fun!

Charlotte and Clara on collision course...

Coordinated fellows.

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