Saturday, June 23, 2012

Julia on the Glacier!

Here is Julia Kern's report from Alaska:

Last week I went to Alaska to ski on Eagle Glacier with APU for a week. We took the helicopter up to the house on the first day on a nice sunny morning. At night, it suddenly got very snowy so we did a core and strength workout inside the house and ran around a little outside as well. The next morning it was really sunny and beautiful weather out so we did a nice easy ski to get adjusted to the altitude. The course they have set up is amazing, a nice long loop with hills, downhills and flats as well. For dinner, each group had to cook dinner for one of the nights. The kitchen was nice and we had plenty of food so there always good meals. There is also a TV where we watched skiing videos to watch technique, but also to watch some

movies to relax and laugh too. The training was really great there!

The house is perfect for it and the skiers were really cool too. I had a lot of fun on this trip and learned a lot! On the day we were supposed to fly out with the helicopter, there was a big snow storm so we got down a day late. While we waited for the weather to clear, we had time to hang out so we built a bedroom fort and hung out. At some points in the year you can also hike out which I heard was really fun. We could not since they got so much snow this year but the helicopter ride was really cool. I had a great time and here are some pictures.....


A nice sunny day with a view of the hill (we named it Heart Break
Hill) up to the house from the ski trail.

Some of the loop on the glacier.

Some of the girls.

The Mini Weight Room for strength and core.

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