Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cape Cod CSU Camp Report 2

Day 3 was 4th of July. We were greeted by a little rain shower that did not deter us from a nice run through the woods. Who knew that horse flies do get nasty in pouring rain. So we decided to detour out on the road with a few fast pickups to complete our 40 min run. By the time we were back at camp the sun already peaked through the clouds. Another day on the beach was inevitable. Very quickly our youngsters had figured out that the water had cooled down noticeably and very quickly they also learned that CSU athletes are always up to a challenge. So off we went for some core on the sandbar (this time two rounds) that was followed by another relay race, which included swimming, paddling and running. By the time swimming was on, they embraced the water as if it was in the 70s like the days before and after I asked: “so was it cold?” every one was happy to get the refreshing “cool down” at the end of the relay. Nadja, Adam (college athletes) and coach Kathy pulled in the win, followed closely by all other teams. By now everyone had figured out how to propel on a surfboard and the race was decided in the swim.

I debated whether we could take a group safely to P-town to watch the fireworks, a day where P-town hosts around 30,000 visitors. Everybody wanted to go. I was very impressed that every one stuck together as a group and no one was late at the meeting points. We had a blast eating ice cream, venturing through shops and watching the fireworks with a dark red full moon rising over the ocean at the spot where the fireworks took off.

Our last day started with a ~ 9 mile OD roller ski workout where we mixed in DP and no pole for about 2 miles each. After Rebecca switched to Kathy’s skis, she figured out that it is much better to keep balance when your roller ski shafts are straight. So get those replaced. I saw lots of improvement for everyone but we all took a few more things away to work on at Monday and Littleton rolls. We concluded the day with lots of water time since the temps were back to 71 and a few volleyball games. Doro was impressed by the progress. After a last team meeting and a snack everyone got ready to head home.

We all want to do the CSU Camp Cape Cod next year again the same week. So keep those sand legs in shape for beach running and V-ball and work on your swimming and paddling.

Doro’s serious comments from the CSU Cape Cod camp

Cate and Julia’s 2.30 min “shoes agility course” in front of the sand dunes is hard to beat by any coach in the nation! CSUers were flying through the S-turns better than the few cars left trying hard to get of the parking lot with the show obstacles.

Monday “wood chopping” was replaced by real wood chopping and carrying for a huge bond fire. The kids discovered that German stick cake over the fire takes more patience and arm strength than the 15 sec for American smores.

As soon as coach Gunther, Kathy and Doro and 2 college athletes jumped in the relay (we had 5 teams of 3 members each), it turned into a super competitive race with little Leah paddling like a surf pro on a board double her size, Lewis swimming for his life against the 4 Kern’s in his leg, Cate almost loosing her bikini shorts while going for the win, Carina showing off her swim team skills, Rebecca killing in the paddle despite an impressive tumble in the surf, and coach Kathy bringing it in for a 1 sec win with her college kids team. Yes, it is true, the CSU skiers were only beaten by 1 sec by the college athlete team! 5 relay teams came finished almost in a photo finish separated by less than 8 seconds for a 15 min race!!!

Put 10 strong CSU skiers on a volleyball field with a couple of fully chilled coaches and you will have an intense volleyball game. Coach Doro discovered some hidden talent (look at the action photos on the CSU website), but don’t worry, Rob, I will not recruit them away…

Our team is as fast in blueberry picking as on the skate intervals, and the helmets are the prefect protection from mosquitoes! Blueberry pancakes after a hard roller ski is the best power food, and man our team can eat sooo many pancakes.

Lewis and Julia were chasing the blue fish for 10 miles in the kayaks, and while they were looking totally pro, both were too intimidating chasing the fish away. We had to go to plan B for dinner plans with Italian sausages, but the arm strength will come in handy in the next finish stride on skies!

The most scenic 4th of July fireworks I have ever seen, coach Gunther perfectly orchestrated the rising full moon as a red fireball on the horizon where the fireworks went off.

Coach Kathy, Gunther and Doro

Cate got bought by the team in the final game as a joker killing it with her serves.

Rebecca's one leg balance, you still don't believe that volleyball is the perfect cross training for skiing?

Re-tanking calories with ocean seating in the Kern restaurant

bug-free core training, meaning no excuses!

48, 49, 50 ...

plyometric jumps

crunches with ocean water cooling

start of the relay: 500 meter surf board paddling, 500 meter sprint, 350 meter swim

Lewis in the swimming leg against the 4 Kerns, Julia still leading

our 8.5 mile skate roller ski workout in the morning

the double pole leg in impressive form and discipline (we only had one penalty push-ups for running over the food with sandy feet, NO penalties for safety violations!)

no pole leg: Julia, Ryan, Gunther, Lewis, Hank, Meg: coach Doro had a great speed workout for taking photos

Cate and Kathy in perfect form (Frank, are you satisfied?)

ROB: we had to take a 6 hour break from training due to closure of our training terrain from midnight to 6 am!

for Rob from Kathy: Are these hands high enough??

blueberry picking on our roller ski street

Clara and Meg smiling about the great workout and the pleasure of blueberry pancakes

coach Doro cooks blueberry pancakes for the team

new strength workout drill, see how hard Lewis has to work!

no words (photo by Julia)

fire works over the rising moon

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