Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cape Cod CSU camp report day 1&2,

I picked up Cate, Leah and Carina in P-town and after we successfully completed an organized shopping attack we were off to the beach. I did not know that we had so sharp and organized shoppers on the team! The others arrived by car.

Day one started out with some body wave riding in 69F water. Yes we are on the open ocean side and it is usually 10 degrees cooler. Weather and water so far have been fantastic. We followed up with some awesome core workouts (Alex we missed you) out on a sandbar that shows at low tide. While we were doing crunches and planks, the water was swirling around our legs and feet for a nice cool refreshment. Core was followed by a some beach volleyball technique drills and a game. Our athletic day completed with leg drills for skating on a big parking lot that we all had for ourselves. It felt like having a whole stadium.

The girls moved into a six and a two person tent and the boys are in one tent together. We completed the day with dinner and some card games and quiet hours came almost automatically.I think all had enough workouts sun and beach for a good nap.

Today we started with a run that went through the forest down to the beach and then we ran along the shore playing with the waves coming up at the waterline. After 20 min everyone had figured out how to run in sand and that it is a tough workout. The run was finished with a fast run uphill back to the forrest where none of us could keep up with Leah and Lewis. I guess they were running to be first at breakfast. Then we prepared for the beach and hauled boards, umbrellas and two kayaks down there. The day was spent with paddling on surfboards, kayaking and V-ball as well as reading and chatting. When the sandbars (1 mile long!) showed again at low tide we set up for a relay. It was 2 people teams where a combination of running , paddle boarding and swimming AGAINST the strong tide (yes, coach Doro set it up this way...) was tested. We got some tight races with tumbles in the breaking surf and I can say all campers are quite competitive. There was no easy giving in with small waves making the swim hard or washing us off the boards. Then Cate and Julia set up a sick agility course that they had just experienced at the REG camp using 50 shoes as cones. Again the parking lot was ours and we had some DP workouts that were followed by time trials on Cate's and Julia's course. Kathy organized a beach fire permit so after collecting nice dry firewood we were heading to the beach fire. The kids learnt how to bake Knuepplekuchen (stick cake) filled with applesauce and of course smores and lots of talking. At Midnight we silently sneaked back to camp to finish another great day.

If the Weather gods remain so favorable we will have another two days of lots of fun. Tomorrow there are fireworks to watch in P-town if there is no rain.  Final report to follow,.
We added a few pictures because they tell a thousand words. Rob did you notice that you will get a surf team back and that we replacing poles with sandals. We still have to figure out how this is going to be faster. We also see some of them practicing for future coaching,- Hank copying perfectly Robs posture and Cate and Julia setting up directions for the agility course.

Gunther, Doro and Kathy

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