Monday, July 9, 2012

CSU Camp Day 2

After a morning run on a cool, clear, perfect summer morning and a good breakfast we headed out to the good roads across the border in Rindge, NH for a long skate workout.  Everyone broke up into their groups, were assigned a coach and took off.  It was a perfect summer morning with bright sun, cool shade and a nice breeze and everyone was back sooner than anticipated in about 1.5 hrs, so Rob and Alex got in some good video of most of the kids with the new CSU iPad.  What an excellent tool! 

In the afternoon most of the athletes got in a swim in the pool and then headed over to the soccer fields for Alex's core workout torture test and abs workout.  While the coaches set up Alex's diabolical core exercise stations Maddy got things started with a crazy game where everyone threw their shoes in the air and had to retrieve their shoes to put back on, but you could take as many as you could find...basically a game of keep away.  Then the Jrs. played soccer and ultimate frisbee for a good warmup, then tacked the 41 stations, stopping at each exercise for a minute.  As always, we ended up with 12 min abs, which for this old coach is total torture! 

After dinner was our annual pilgrimage to Tweed's for ice cream and mini-golf and mosquitos.  This year Rob won the coaches 5-some, but who's counting.....

An excellent day.  Hill bounding and classic rollerskiing are on tap for tomorrow.

Meg hoarding shoes

Eli has the shoes!

Maddy surveys the crazieness she has wrought

Maggie, one shoe on and one shoe off



Shawn with the dreaded abs wheel



Ian getting off the ground




Delphine and Carina

Zoe at the wheel

Rion, mid-plank

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