Friday, July 13, 2012

Final Day, CSU Ski Camp

The last morning of the 2012 CSU Ski Camp was set aside for a skate time trial using a quiet side street with a good hill.  Most of the athletes did 3 (J2s) or 4 repeats of the course.  Those with injuries either rested or did one or two repeats.  On this last morning the humidity returned to Massachusetts which made for a pretty warm test but everyone stepped up their game and skied hard.  Skiers was paired up for 30 sec interval starts, starting the next repeat 15 min. later.  I'll get the results up on the blog at some point when they are put in a spreadsheet, but there were some very significant improvements over last year for some of those that were at camp last summer.  Nothing like hard work resulting in success!

Finally, the camp was a great success with athletes showing improvements over the course of even one week.  The variety of workouts was great and allowed everyone to work on different training methods, determine where more work is needed and work on technique, fitness and the mental aspects of racing. 

A few photos from the last morning:

Even the coaches work on technique!  Kathy working on double pole





Izzy and Talia

Max recovering after a hard effort

Maddy being Maddy


Tom putting on a frowny face

Leah, Rebecca and Janelle

Katrin, Delphine , Rosie, Clara, Olivia, Hadley

Cate, Eli B., Oscar

Lewis, Rion, Sean, Nathan, John

Meg and Jacob

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