Monday, December 3, 2012

Craftsbury Day 2

Our day 2 at Craftsbury was as eventful as the first. Fortunately the weather forecast (rain for the whole day!!) did not hold and we had no rain until 2:40. We finished at 2:45! Thats what I call good timing. We had a nice classic workout at 40 degrees which made waxing a bit challenging. Jim Levins helped out with some magic TOKO silver klister which none of us had with us. By 10:15 all were striding uphill and gliding well on the downs. This was a good exercise to deal with rapidly changing snow conditions. After a warmup we did falling forward and shuffling, no pole, dp kick and finished the morning with some od skiing that was mixed with some uphill speeds. The boys faded for the afternoon and the rumor is that they were hanging out in the sauna for 1 hour during lunch or was it after lunch?Anyway they were ready to go home after that. The girls persisted, reloaded carbs and took naps at lunch (see blog pictures). We added a skate workout in the afternoon. After a warmup we practiced starts and Kikkans fast no pole shuffle on some downhill terrain. Everyone was amazed that it works quite well and the poles especially on the downhill are more in the way than they help. I guess Kikkan had figured that out a while ago. Now transferring that onto the flats as she does will take some serious leg strength. We finished of with some V2 and cool down skiing on snow that was sucking up more and more water and the rain chased us into our cars timely at 2:45.

It was great to see Max, Gavin, Chris, Nathan, Hadley, Zoe, Cate, Leah, Charlotte and Julia put some serious and fun snow time down this weekend. And by the way Julia tried a new one to see how fast she can ski without skis. She decided to leave her's at home but Chris had a ski bazar and she could snag some demos for the weekend. I guess we will hear what the rental fee was.

If the rain does not eat too much snow and the weather is somehow favorable, Doro and myself will be there again next weekend. So watch the forecast and start organizing if you feel like gliding on the real thing. Craftsbury is great as long as there is snow.


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