Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Craftsbury E. Cup Skate Race

As brilliantly sunny as Saturday was, Sunday dawned with the look of snow, gray, cloudy and feeling damp.  The wax team reassembled, ready to do battle again and the racers slowly trickled in, J2s first since they raced early, and J1s and OJs much later since they wouldn't start until 12:30.  Conditions were excellent, the sound of roto-corks cut through the morning air, warm ups were begun......another day of ski racing had begun!  For the most part, the snow held off until part way through the women's race and then came down in earnest during the men's race, softening and slowing the course.  CSU had a good day with many finishing in the hunt for JN points and everyone skiing well despite the lack of snow time.  Clearly everyone was happy to finally be racing after a summer and fall of rollersking, hill-bounding, running, core and whatever else we all do to pass the time between ski seasons.  I was a bit sorry I hadn't signed up to race.  Some photos below.  By the men's race it was getting too dark for good photos....sorry about that guys!  Finally, once more driving home in a snowstorm from the first JNQ race of the season.  At least this drive was easy!

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