Sunday, December 2, 2012

Craftsbury Update

From Gunther and Doro, up skiing in the Northeast Kingdom:

Here our Carftsbury report for Saturday 01Dec 2012

We had 9 CSU athletes here today. The drive up was a bit sketchy with black ice and we saw some not so nice accidents along the road. So take your time in Winter that you can ski another weekend!

When we arrived, Craftsbury had transformed to deep white Winter. There is now a 1.5 K loop open and we had our first skate on the 5K loop with almost immaculate snow. After we nailed the wax within 15 min (green binder with some TOKO yellow which was almost race quality in terms of speed) we headed out for our morning classic fun. I was amazed how much everyone had improved compared to last weekend. The kick compression was snappy, the glide was fine and the hunch in the hips almost gone. We did some drills on gliding and then some speed fun synchronizing with a fast skier in front of you. You had to match the frequency and still get a glide. To my surprise the boys all had that mastered within 3 rounds. All of our skiers here are putting some serious good classic skiing to show. I was just enjoying to watch and we will see how long they can keep that form up in a race.

After some video reviewing and of course some carb refilling (see picture1) we went back for another 90 min of skate. The 20min warmup was followed by no pole gliding, no pole double kicking (hopping) and then some speed workouts uphill (see picture2). After that we took a breather for a group photo. Everyone was smiling. Unfortunately the daylight vanishes quickly these days but the snow was so good we wished we had headlamps. So pack some in your bags the next time Craftsbury has some Winter weather. We finally got defeated by darkness and headed in for some more video reviewing and then home for a hot shower and a good meal.

Tomorrow is another ski day waiting for us and I can say Craftsbury is worth the ride until Weston has some snow.

Athletes report for the most fun thing today:
being on snow and feeling the glide
Video review
the good snow
hanging out with the team

Gunther Kern

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