Sunday, December 30, 2012

Trip to Quebec!

After the time trial yesterday morning, many of the skiers ventured into the city with various families and one group with Jamie.  Fortunately, while it was pretty cold, there was no wind.  I've never been to Quebec when it wasn't windy, so that was a treat.  We stopped off at the Chutes de Montmorency and had fun watching ice climbers finishing up their vertical climbs.  Then it was on to the city and the toboggan slide, which of course was lots of fun.  We then found a good place for dinner that had enough seats for us.  A group of girls found an art installation where you come up with a design and add a short phrase or title. Once the image is saved it is added to the slideshow and projected on the front of an old church (Notre Dame des Victoires) within a few minutes.  Attached is what some of the J2 (Rebecca, Talia, Izzy, Leah, Janelle and her cousin Alaina) and EMBK girls (Emily and Shea) came up with.

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