Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mass Skate Qualifier

With 36 hours of snowmaking at the end of the week, Weston was able to patch up the track and put together a nice course for the qualifier today.  Of course, once again, the temperature soared up but with the dry air and wind the snow never got too mushy.  On the other hand, we did not have special "Oak Leaf" flouro and they were blowing around everywhere!  Interesting....  Once again, the weather was great for the wax crew and parent spectators and the CSU lunch table again outstanding and everyone knows that's why I really go to these races anyway. 

CSU had quite a day and some of the simple numbers tell the story.  First of all, I think the participation level for both boys and girls was way up over the past few years, which is great.  Then, I think CSU set a record with 40 CSUers racing by my count, plus the wax team waxed Wayland because Chris Li was doing registration and a few others, so well over 50 pair of skis!  Bravo on a job well done!  Then, for results, CSU nailed down the top 7 places for both boys and girls.  CSU girls took 20 of the top 25.  The boys, took 12 of the top 30.  Ian Meyer, Max LaChance and Lewis Nottonson were the top 3 boys and Leah Brams, Charlotte Cole and Sonya Jampel the top 3 girls.  Well done! 

Next week is the classic race which, due to snow conditions, will be moved up to Prospect, VT.  Get ready to rock and roll everyone! 

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