Monday, January 14, 2013

Mt. Top Classic Race

The April weather at Mt. Top moved on to May weather for Sunday's classic race.  With snow disappearing before our eyes and dirt spots growing larger it was a race as much to beat the melting snow as it was to beat the competition.  Rob and I started testing various klister combos early and pretty quickly arrived at a couple choices we agreed on.  Then the fun of a full-on klister fest began!  That is, until the option of Zeros was tossed into the mix and the scramble for Zeros began.  Now it was Zeros tested against klister.  Some opted for Zeros, some for klister where they had the choice.  For the rest we started shortening and thinning the klister because the snow was just plain dirt slow.  The J2 boys clearly had the best and fastest conditions of the day since they went first.  The snow got slower and dirtier as the day progressed and whether you used klister or Zeros, it was slow and grabby especially on the natural snow in the woods.  While the weather wasn't so great for skiing, it was rather pleasant for watching.

Results are HERE

Classic photos below:

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