Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More info from Junior Nationals:

The opening individual skate race saw some great results for CSU:

Eli Hoenig: 3rd OJ
Calvin Wight 15th
Nathan Moreau: 20th
Rion O'Grady 34th

Gavin McEwen 17th J2.  (Gavin had a bad stomach bug on Sunday.  Amazing that he managed to race so well after being so sick.  Watch out for him in the final two races later in the week).

Zoe Snow 6th J1
Cate Brams 10th
Hadley Moreau 49th
Charlotte Cole 52nd

Julia Kern 2nd J2 (by 1.6 seconds!)
Leah Brams 3rd (right behind her)
Sonya Jampel 37th

Those are really solid results for all our skiers.  We'll be rooting for them in today's relay race.

Here are some more photos of the skiers that Doro pulled off the internet (Photos: bertboyer.zenfolio.com/):

Calvin smiling on his way to a great result

Nathan chasing down a competitor

Eli on his way to the podium

Gavin hanging tough

Hadley skiing pretty

CharCole getting it done

Zoe floating

Cate (sleeves will be rolled up for the next race)

Sonya looking pro

Leah has the podium in sight

Julia pacing herself perfectly

Julia on the attack.  Races are won on the uphills.

JN's are the place to catch up with friends from around the country.

Rion skiing smooth

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