Wednesday, July 10, 2013

CSU Camp Day Four

Another murky day at ski camp.  What a big difference from last year where every day was perfect weather.  The law of averages is a stern taskmaster!  The morning workout was an OD classic workout.  The Stratton T2 team again joined us for the workout and the faster kids got to ski with them for over 2 hours.  A few of the boys (Rion, Trevor and Lewis) missed a turn and skied all the way back to the school, which ended up being a pretty good adventure.  Those that went on the longest ski had quite a long workout.  Not a bad day when you get to go out and rollerski for a few hours with World Cup/Olympic skiers! 

In the afternoon most of the kids stayed at the school to do agility in the big parking lot, while a small group went off to a technique session with the Stratton team.  The rain finally got us though.  Part way through the agility session it started raining and within a few minutes it became a deluge with thunder.  We retreated to the dorm for about 20 min. and went back out once the storm moved off to finish up our session.  We timed everyone, then the boys started switching skis to try and find the fastest combo, then some did it no-pole, so a successful and fun afternoon, if a bit damp.  (My shoes are now banished to the hallway). 

Rob talked about goal setting in the evening and then everyone worked on their goal pyramids and figuring out their goals for the coming season, with input the coaches.  Lots of good work and planning for the coming season!

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