Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 1 and Day 2 at Cape Cod Camp

After everyone had arrived although with some traffic delays, we veered off to the beach to escape the heat around Boston. We were greeted by 69 degree water and did not miss to use this as an instant cooler. Boggie boards were tested, surfboards paddled and running happened close to the surf break. We got a nice relay in that included running in the deep Cape Cod sand, swimming in the ocean and getting your core and arm strong by paddling surfboards. We had two teams going and everyone had to do each discipline. The two teams were really close until the finish where one of the pickups bailed and I went in as a sub. The paddling went well however our teams last leg was a 400m sand run that I had picked against Lewis. He turned his sand leg motor on and was quickly gone leading his team to the victory. We then got ready for some roller skiing that included drills around an agility course that Kathrine and Julia hat put together. After some practice the steps and turns we were speeding up but I think there is still plenty of tricks to learn. At the end we had another relay where we had one skier pull another with the poles then switch half time and speed back. By 7:30 everyone had built up a good appetite and we finished the day with a nice group dinner after which the groups went off for another stroll on the beach. This year the highlight is the bioluminescence in the water which is visible at night.

We went of for a nice 45 min  run throughout the beach forest and along the beach barefoot and had the sun hiding behind some morning fog. After that cleared, we knew we had a very hot day ahead of us. So back to the water, we installed all umbrellas and of course a volleyball field on the beach. The water was only 62 today but a pleasantly welcome refresher with air temps in the 90s. So we played ball and chilled in the water and had a nice 45 min core workout right at the water. Since we had plans to go to P-town for the fireworks and ice-cream, we skipped the roller skiing. All made it back and forth safely and were happy for a good night sleep at 10 pm.

Coaches Gunther, Dave, Kathy and Doro
shuttling food and gear to our island

Hadley breaking through the  surf

Katherine fighting the wave

Haley fully under control in the relay

Valentina beating a 25 year old MIT student

Lisa powering in before Chris

Hadley stylish even in the race

Janelle winning with a smile

Lewis and his typical race face, whether on snow or in the water

Rebecca with a perfect relay handoff

while her brother Lewis prefers the Bolt-pose while the girls are working hard

what is happening, Doro is giving them a break??

the beach volleyball net needs to be perfect for the pro game, too much action during the game for photos 

Jacob riding in synch with the girls

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