Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Skiing in a tunnel

So, I'm in Finland right now, for the orienteering World Champs (WOC).  This is taking place at the Vuokatti Sports Institute, which is basically a big Finnish ski school.  Having now been to ski schools in Sweden, Kazakhstan, and Finland, I'd say the Finnish school wins.  Though I'm not sure how much actual school they do.  Anyway, this is the home of the Vuokatti ski tunnel, so even though I'm supposed to be resting, I figured it would be criminal to come here and not go skiing!  The folks at Intersport were super helpful, and hooked me up with equipment, and then off I went!  The skiing was good - compared to Weston, the loop is a little longer (well, it's an out-and-back, takes ~10min), and there are longer, more gradual, hills.  The snow is still manmade and fast, though.

Boy was it fun to go skiing!

This place looks awesome for rollerskiing, too, tons of bike paths and all their ski trails are paved.  This would be summer camp heaven!

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