Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kearsarge II - The Wetness

Thanks to John LaChance for organizing and putting on the two Kearsarge Rollerski races.  Race II was on a lovely fall morning with a nice cold, drizzly, foggy course.  Gavin set a new course record, even with the less than idea rollerskiing conditions,followed by Lewis in 2nd and Max in 3rd.  On the women's side Elissa Bradley came home in 1st, followed by Hadley in 2nd and Meg in 3rd.  Meg put on a fierce kick at the end and stomped me up that last incline to the finish.  Joel Bradley skated home first among the skaters. 

Ian MacLellan put together a nice video at:

Mt. Kearsarge Roller Ski Race - November 17, 2013

Time Skier M/F Age Cat. Technique
27:19 Gavin McEwen M 16 J1 Classic
28:33 Lewis Nottonson M 16 J1 Classic
30:07 Max LaChance M 17 J1 Classic
31:18 Jimmy Burnham M 23 Senior Classic
33:27 Albert Innamorati M 54 M5 Classic
33:41 Rob Bradlee M 56 M6 Classic
33:57 Chris Koziel M 17 J1 Classic
34:24 Elissa Bradley F 30 M Classic
34:34 Jackson Hardin M 13 J2 Classic
34:45 Gunther Kern M - M Classic
36:47 Eljah Bucher M 17 J1 Classic
37:01 Hadley Moreau F 16 J1 Classic
37:44 Meg Yoder F 17 J1 Classic
37:45 Jamie Doucett M - M Classic
37:53 Sydney Michalak F 17 J1 Classic
39:07 Bill Farrell M 64 M7 Classic
39:25 Rosie Cobb F 18 OJ Classic
41:40 Clinton M
M Classic
43:19 Clara Cousins F 16 J1 Classic
44:57 Mary Lagunowich F 17 J1 Classic
45:25 Scott Betournay M 35 M Classic
47:45 Lydia Yoder F 14 J2 Classic
51:02 Marty Hall M 76 M10 Classic

31:24 Joel Bradley M 30 M Skate
35:05 Mitch Harris M 17 J1 Skate

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