Monday, September 29, 2014

CSU Extreme XC Running Race!

The question of the day on Sunday was, “who is CSU X?” With our new CSU X tank tops, CSU X athletes plus family members and coaches competed in the 2k/5k/10k Holdenwood Cross Country Race! We met up in the morning and did a joint course tour led by Coach Alex, just like we do on snow, however, we had to focus our minds on running tactics instead of skiing tactics (no tucking down hills, sadly). The weather was beautiful and quite warm for a late September weekend. The course had a lot of varying terrain, including uphills, downhills, flats, and of course CSU’s favorite, transitions. Since we had such a large group, there was always a CSU’er near by, pushing you to go faster. No wonder we had such great results! Racing with a team of 23 CSU’ers in addition to Dorothee (who took the photos and cheered us on) and other parents, there was a CSU’er around every corner. Nice work everyone! Here are all the results and photos!

Corey Stock (20:45) Overall Female Winner
James Kitch (20:48) 3rd in Age Group
Connor Giersch (21:04)
C.P. Giersch (21:12) 2nd in Age Group
Alex Jospe (21:21) 2nd Overall Female and Age Group Winner
Jackson Hardin (22:00)
Kathy Maddock (22:06) Age Group Winner
Barry Kicth (22:27) 3rd in Age Group
Julia Kern (22:43) Age Group Winner
Gunther Kern (22:49) Age Group Winner
Talia Seltzer (23:23) 2nd in Age Group
Allie Skahen (24:56) 3rd in Age Group
Clara Cousins (25:02)
Kevin Tefler (25:17)
Brian Tefler (26:55) 2nd in Age Group
Izzy Cole (27:10) 2nd in Age Group
Lydia Yoder (29:02)
Ella Redmond (31:00)
Katherine Decker (31:30)

Sue Lachance (46:25) 2nd Overall Female and Age Group Winner
Jamie Doucett (56:53) 2nd in Age Group
Jody Newton (1:02) Age Group Winner

Lucas Giersch (8:04) Overall Winner

The whole CSU crew!

Ready, Set….Go!


Alex and Jackson




Alex looking quite excited!

Allie giving the thumbs up!


Brain and Jamie








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