Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kearsarge Classic Race Results

A big thank  you to John LaChance for organizing the second roller ski race up Kearsarge.  (And thanks to Alan McEwen for helping out as John had to fly back from China the night before the race).

Congrats to Gavin McEwen for blowing away the classic course record.  Also congrats to Julia Kern who also crushed the female record.  Nice work by you both!  And coaches Al Innamorati and Alex Jospe won the Masters categories.

Here are the results:

Mt. Kearsarge Roller Ski Race - November 16, 2014
Time Skier M/F Age Technique
25:44 Gavin McEwen M 17 Classic New Classic Record!!
28:07 Adam Gluech M 15 Classic
28:27 Will Rhatigan M 16 Classic
30:07 James Kitch M 14 Classic
30:19 Julia Kern F 17 Classic
33:02 Jackson Hardin M 14 Classic
33:17 Maddy Wendt F 26 Classic
34:19 Albert Innamorati M 55 Classic
34:24 Alex Jospe F 30 Classic
35:13 Meg Yoder F 18 Classic
35:55 Allie Skahen F 17 Classic
36:02 Eli Bucher M 18 Skate
37:14 Erik Lindhal M 16 Classic
37:23 Jamie Doucett M 60 Classic
42:50 Clara Cousins F 18 Classic
50:57 Cindy Glueck F 43 Classic
57:56 Andy Sheehan M 51 Skate

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