Friday, February 12, 2016

Massachusetts State Championships

Here is a link to an article and photo of Will Rhatigan in today's Globe:

Full results can be found HERE

CSU Jrs. fared well with Will Rhatigan winning the boys race followed by Jacob Jampel in 2nd, Tyler Lee in 5th, Jordan Fried in 9th, Aiden Nichol 19th, Henry Johnstone 21st, Kevin Telfer 25th, Devin Wong 30th Dwight Fairchild 36th, Eli Newell 45th.

On the girls side CSU Jrs. dominated the top 15 with Chantal Raguin finishing a very close 2nd with Gabby Vandendries 3rd, Izzy Cole 4th, Claire Telfer 5th, Emily Nottonson 6th, Rebecca Feist tied for 7th, Lydia Yoder 11th, Ella Redmond 12th, Kate Weinberg 13th, Lorelei Poch 19th, Rachel Lorenc 21, Elinor Graham 26, Flora Fried 33

I apologize for anyone I may have missed in the results.

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