Monday, December 11, 2017

Classic time trial

With a little natural snow at weston, we held a time trial, complete with mandatory striding zones. "in the races, will they force you to stride on a flat?"

Thanks for John Bucheit for compiling the results. These times are all verrrry approximate. Some skiers did not have watches. Some "forgot to hit the button." Some did not report their time. I think the order of the first 11 skiers is accurate. 

1. Jacob J. about 23:00 (no watch - guesstimate)
2. Oliver S.about 23:05 (no watch - based on Jacob's guesstimate)
3. Henry J  24:23 (had watch)
4. Ben B. 24:54 (had watch, but time based up finishing 1 s. behind Henry)
5. Andy M. 25:24 (no watch, but estimated he was 10 s. behind John S.)
6. John S. 25:29 (had watch)
7. Shea B. 27:24 (had watch) - done on her own after practice because of babysitting conflict
8. Francesca 27:40 (had watch)
9. Lucas Daly 28:00 (no watch, estimate)
10. Eva 28:35 (had watch)
11. Amelia 29:05 (had watch, but forgot to hit button, so this was an estimate in part based on finishing close to Eva)
12. Flora 31:00 (estimate - pulled out phone about a minute after she finished)
13. Milo 32:04 (had watch)
14. Tali W. 35:00 (estimate, I think)
15. Serena J. (no time given)
16. Kate W. (no time given)

Good job to all the skiers! 

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