Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rumford E. Cup

CSU Jrs. and a couple of masters had an excellent weekend in Rumford.  There was, first and foremost, snow on the ground, enough to use some parts of their race courses that I haven't seen in many years.  It was icy underneath ground up, fine sugar snow for Saturday's skate race and it was FAST.  Then, of course, it started snowing reasonably hard for the classic races, resulting in a classic mess of klister and hard wax for the wax job which changed to all hard wax for the men's race at noon.  30 CSU juniors arrived to race and there were lots of good results in all the races including Leah's two wins in the J2 girls (and overall 3rd in classic), Cate's 4th and 2nd, Gavin's 15th overall and first J1 in the classic, Rebecca's best 10km race ever, Rosie and Meg's classic races, Joey's 6th and 5th in J2 boys and lots of other really solid results.  Results can be found HERE  The CSU team was an impressive force, both on the trail, under the waxing tent and at the heavily laden food table.  We take up a lot of space!  Here are a bunch of photos from the skate race.  I didn't take any of the classic race due to wax duties, sticky fingers and the snow.

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