Saturday, August 1, 2009

Flower Show Victory!

I was on vacation this past week at the AMC family camp we've been going to forever. One of the highlights of the week is the Cold River Camp Flower Show. I always enter some arrangement and of course take part in the Gentleman's Challenge, which I did not win. As I was hiking earlier in the week up some 4000 footer I latched on the idea of using my rollerskis as the basis of my entry this year. For better or for worse (artistically speaking, of course) I came away victorious in the floral category with my entry entitled "Camo Ski"!! Not bad for spending all of 15 minutes working on it as I was getting sucked dry by the local mosquito and black fly populations which are having a banner year due to all the rain. It also helps that several of the usual contendors for the prize were too late to get an entry in because they had stopped by the Mt Washington Hotel to sample the good life and for afternoon libations after their hike and got waylaid. Remember, showing up is half the battle!

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