Sunday, November 7, 2010

CSU Fall Classic Rollerski Race

The latest edition (21st year?) of the CSU Fall Classic Rollerski race had one of the larger fields in a number of years with some fast skiing to boot.  It was also kind of cold standing around doing the timing, something I haven't had to worry about before, but this was the first one that I couldn't race in myself.  Next year.

In the 1 lap junior classic race Hamish McEwen ran away with it, finishing in a very strong 19:40, followed by Hannah Smith in 22:53 (1st F).  Next up was Max LaChance in 24:38, Cate Brams in 25:04, Rebecca Smith in 25:42 and Sean Skahen in 27:14. 

In the 2 lap Senior/Masters race Keven Sprague easily dusted the rest of the field, coming home in 37:48, which is certainly one of the fastest times ever for classic.  I'll have to investigate if that is a course record.  There was a good hammer-fest for 2nd though, with Chris Stock prevailing after breaking a pole tip at the start and grabbing a new pole as he went by the team van and having to play catch-up the whole race.  2 seconds back was Andy Milne and another 3 seconds in arrears came Frank Feist and then Tony Reyerson another 8 seconds back.  There seemed to be more pole damage than usual with Chris, John Rich, Albert and at least one other person losing pole tips somewhere out there on the course! 

On the Women's side Anna McLoon, who warmed up by riding her bike to the race, easily took first in 46:55.  Esther Kennedy was next in 48:31, Jennifer Rolfes in 3rd in 50:49 and Alena Tofte in fourth in 51:35.

Prizes were pies from the local apple farm and gift certificates, ski ties and a few other items from The Bikeway Source in Bedford.  Much thanks to my volunteers for watching the corners and timing, including: Marsha Rich, Sarah Doucett, Erin Dubinski, Walter Page, Tom Smith (video), Kathy Colpitts, Ed Summersby and Bill Aldrich. 

1  Hamish McEwen    19:40
2  Hannah Smith         22:53
3  Max LaChance      24:38
4  Cate Brams           25:04
5  Rebecca Smith      25:42
6  Sean Skahen         27:14

Senior/Masters Men
1  Kevin Sprague       37:48
2  Chris Stock           40:14
3  Andy Milne           40:16
4  Frank Feist           40:19
5  Tony Reyerson     40:27
6  Tanner Wegand    40:38
7  Bob Burnham       43:22
8  Romain Cartori     44:46
9  Victor Golovkin    44:56
10 Albert Innamaorati 46:11
11 Robert Faltus        48:38
12 John LaChance     49:25
13 Tor O'Brien          50:49
14 John Rich             51:21
15 Carl Cignoni         56:04
16 Scott Betournay 1:04:10

Senior/Masters Women
1  Anna McLoon       46:55
2  Esther Kennedy     48:31
3  Jennifer Rolfes       50:49
4  Alena Tofte           51:35
5  Clair Miller            58:45
6  Jody Newton      1:01:38

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