Monday, February 19, 2018

Bill Koch Festival

The Bill Koch Festival was at Weston this year, and there were a lot of CSU skiers helping out. Countless hours were spent by the volunteers to pull off a fabulous weekend of skiing, racing, sledding, snowball fights, ski orienteering, tandem skiing, face painting, and parades. The weather helped, by snowing on Saturday night to give everything a wintry look, and then warming up nicely with the sun on Sunday.

Below are an assortments of my photos from the day. Thanks for helping, everyone!

Alex applying the magic touch

Ben and Alex created a massive snowman. It didn't take long for the EMBK 5th/6th grade boys to level that thing.

Course marshals take themselves seriously

Ben with the klister application

Who gave these guys radios?

Devin waxing skis

I think I like the monkey suit better without the radio and bib. 

Future generations!

Hannah laying down a smooth klister job

Heiner's tutu was spectacular

Jackson inspecting finished work

Is your wax working? If not, put it to work, darnit!

Supposedly Lucas and Ben were going to also dress as kick wax, but I heard Linden used up all the arts and crafts supplies. 

"I think the whole thing is the kick zone"

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