Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CSU Summer Camp Mid-week Repor

Tonight (our third night here at the Winchendon School) we worked on Visualization and Imagery.   Since the school is located in the center of an 18 hole golf course, we stretched out on a tee to visualize the perfect race.

After our visualization session we repaired to the cafeteria to enjoy some skits put together by the athletes.  They were extremely amusing with arch commentary on over-indulgent parents and the over-reaching of the Patriot Act.  Apparently, it is a clear sign of terrorist behavior if you steal Wood Skis.

It was good that we had plenty to keep busy this evening as the previous evening a few campers couldn't resist breaking curfew.  They ended up wiping down tables and doing dishes as penance today.

In the morning we did a long distance skate ski on the quiet roads of Rindge NH.  The weather was much drier after last night's thunderstorm.  In the afternoon, we did some quality classic technique work.

Yesterday we spent the morning hill-bounding on Mt. Watatic.  We stopped at the summit for a team photo.

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