Saturday, December 28, 2013

Classic on Trail 24

This morning I skied with the Green Group for a classic OD workout so we headed up Lac St. Hilaire to get on the 2nd part of Trail 24.  That skips a lot of climbing, but certainly not all of it and so there was a long line chugging uphill for a long time.  However, once you get to the Refuge the real fun begins with some lonnngggggg, fast downhills that turn your sweat to icicles.  Everyone had a great time screaming (sometimes literally) down the hills back to the stadium.  I hit 35.3 mph on one of them according to my GPS, so clearly we were humming along in the perfect powder snow conditions, the first classic skiers in the tracks for the day.  It was niceeeeee!  Then the obligatory race back to the Chalet St. Julien, but the coach said go only when it was to his advantage.  Sweet victory.  Sydney gets to say go this afternoon.  A few team photos:

Trail 24, on the backside of the mountain

Trail disappearing down the first long downhill

Sydney had a problem staying on her feet

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