Sunday, December 1, 2013

More Craftsbury

More good skiing at Craftsbury on Sat and Sun and today 3 coaches hopped in the race.  Rob and of course Alex, and Amie!!  They all did well, with Alex in 4th, Amie in 26th in the women's race and Rob in 30th in the men's race.  CSU alums did well, with Chris Stock 4th, Rion O'Grady 5th, Ian Meyer 21st and our friends from Canada who come to CSU ski camp Gabrielle 11th and Delphine finished 15th. They all gave us a good reason to get out and get our cheering in shape for the coming season.  The man-made loop was really nice today and fast and the race loop and Ruthie's Run were also nice early season skiing.

Here are a couple more photos from Friday:

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